You’re Cheap AF ..

Youre Cheap AF..
You’re Cheap AF ..

what no one tells you when you start

Let me answer your question. 

The one you want to ask me. 

You want to know why this is ..


Here is why it will help you.

The big picture is this. 

You have a great job. 

Probably make ~100k a year. 

But you barely make ends meet.

Does this sound like you? 


You work 5 jobs and ..

Barely make ends meet. 

Whichever one you are. 

You are looking for a cure. 

You seek the cure for the piddle.

The piddle is not a stream. 

What you need is .. a .. 

Raging river of passive income.

But let’s get real now. 

Reality says this is how it works. 

Let’s paint the full picture. 

Shiny objects are presented to you.

You buy them and never succeed. . 

Then along comes another one. 

In a week. Then another. 

And so the cycle goes. 

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

This will be the best buck you’ll ever spend.

I’m not kidding, just one bux gets you in;

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