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Your world went to sh*t but you keep going

Your world went to sh*t but you keep going

Think about all those poor folks in Maui out in Hawaii our 50th state, and yes, don’t ask me why all the other USA territories are not officially “states”. 

But I know most of you have no patience to continue to read this in this 7 second of attention span world we live in, so I’ll clue you into the end of this story here;

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They all are suffering from the wildfires that took place there and torched an entire city with very little gov’t help or money to recover. 

While the rich out there are buying up all the land for pennies on the dollar, the common person is left to fend for themselves. 

Nothing new here, as we Americans tend to have a short-term memory, so let’s jog that brain of yours and give you a quick history lesson.

Katrina – one of the biggest hurricane disasters of modern times, and again the gov’t left people to fend for themselves. 

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BLM – the riots, the looting, the fires, and all the destruction of the businesses. 

Jakarta – while this was over in Indonesia, there were many Americans, Brits, Aussies … you know the “good guys that love freedom” over there on holiday.

The point is that the gov’t isn’t going to help you out in your time of need, especially if it’s a major historical disaster, you’ll be lucky to get a FEMA cot in a tent somewhere. 

That’s how it is and how it will continue as the corporation called the United States Government isn’t responsible for you.

All they do is control how much tax money they take in.

Yes, even if you decide you had enough and got a side hustle going such as email marketing affiliate products, you’d still have to pay taxes. 

To be truthful, while I don’t make millions doing this yet, I am proud to say that I actually do make some $$$ online, something I never in my wildest dreams growing up thought would be possible.

And to add to the fact, as in my last story about Telemarketers the show I streamed on Max, I don’t have to be shady about it.

I’m here to help you get on the train to freedom so that when those disasters strike and the gov’t does nothing for you, at least you’ll still have an income.

Now this income can scale up to something full-time as there are several people out there making millions using this exact method. 

They don’t answer to anyone but themselves and stay accountable to themselves to put in a bit of effort. 

But with the automation that is out there, even this that I’m writing was done days ago, in advance. 

The more you do it, the better you get at it. 

Now while many of you decided to sneak peak to the end by clicking the link above, this is a product that I strongly believe will help you and many out there.

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That is why it’s the flagship product I promote when I do my email or posting on my blog. 

The choice is really 100% on you on whether or not you will follow through, or again, just be a tire kicker lost in the jungles of a junkyard of used tires.

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