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You need real human traffic to make it work

You need real human traffic to make it work

Seriously to make the all-in-one tool I showed you in yesterday’s blog post, you’ll need real human traffic.

For real you can get solo ads for like 8 cents if you look hard enough, and guess what those are 100% bots that are clicking your links to your offers.

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Those bots unfortunately do not buy anything and you end up just getting worthless email addresses sent to your email list.

That isn’t the point of building a bigger list, or for lack of a better term what this government tried to sell everyone on “Build Back Better”.

The funny thing of course …

Nothing right now is better, as a matter of fact, it’s really worse to the point of hyperinflation and nothing is cheap anymore.

If you aren’t making nearly 100k a year, you are broke or living paycheck to paycheck all the time.

Now in order to start winning in this economy…

You need to take that all-in-one tool and start building an email list, and you’ll need real humans on your list.

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People who really want to buy your product, whatever it may be such as – weight loss, personal development, or even the standard affiliate product of how to make $$$ online.

Whatever it might be, without real human traffic, you simply can’t do it.

Bots don’t buy.

They won’t buy from you at all, no matter how well-crafted your email is, your blog post, etc.

Unfortunately, the AI revolution hasn’t gotten that far yet, and hopefully will never get there. 

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If bots start buying they are likely just using stolen credit card numbers, and then what is the point of them buying your product?

What they would rather buy is a bot companion … 100% joking there of course!

Now before I bore you to death, the best place to get real human traffic is this place:

Get your Human Traffic Here <==

Btw, if you missed that last blog post and just want access to that free all-in-one tool, that is here;