You know what is great about Twitter? 

You know what is great about Twitter? 
Pretty much nothing unless you enjoy reading a cesspool of dumb comments. 
Worse than facebook even, and it gets even better because…
… yup you got it, the POTUS (Trump) himself gets into tweeting stuff. 
I get it though, some of you throughly enjoy it.
You enjoy screwing around and kicking tires…
… time wasters is what I call you. 
(you know if you are)
  • Find it better to waste time arguing politics
  • You want to spend your unemployment on the latest new phone
  • Spend your extra $600 (UI weekly upgrade) on new clothes and cool stuff
  • Heck even invest (your $600) in bitcoin and crap vapor stuff
Your time and money could be put to good use elsewhere, and you don’t even need to look!
Here it is and I’ve been telling you over and over again… 
… you need to be able to invest some green to make green back!!
If you want $100 or more coming in daily via SMS …
… you need to commit to the money in order to make money happen for you. 
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