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You know the truth, yet you refuse it

You know the truth, yet you refuse it 

Or you refuse to believe it.

blue and yellow ukrainian flag waving above crowd of people
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The truth is that this country is slowly going under by giving away all its money to some war that has nothing to do with people invading America.

We are being invaded, that is true, but is has nothing to do with the 250 million $ that we just gave away, once again, to Ukraine.

Politicians are ruining America and we will collapse without fail because none of that money will ever come back. 

Oh, that’s right, they’ll just print more money. 

It’s time to take a stand.

When you go vote, not only think about the actors wanting to be in power in your corner of the world but think about giving the government no more money.

As in…

Always vote NO on any type of taxation.

1/8th of a cent still adds up. 

Don’t let them fool you into giving away more of your money to be further mismanaged by them.

tax documents on the table
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Are they not proving how well they don’t manage money by giving it all away in lump donations to Ukraine?

The insanity of this free money grab is that Ukraine is in no better shape now than it was before Russia decided to take back part of its old territory.

The funny thing there, the people of that part of Ukraine are pro-Russian and most wanted that to happen.

Yet, we the instigators of all wars and conflicts decided it was time we stick our 2 cents into their business. 

As all that goes on in the world, isn’t it time you actually support the people there? 

The hard workers who are doing something about true freedom and independence?

You see, and if you didn’t already know this, this product’s vendor lives and works in Ukraine!

Funny how that goes right?

Most of you that have viewed the offer, linked below, just like to make fun of his accent when he speaks. 

Like a typical American who pokes fun at the person that is a different than they are vs seeing what this person can offer them.

What he can offer you is the ticket to your freedom, so I wouldn’t pass it up too much longer:

Be Free Today;