You hesitate on this traffic and you don’t know why

You hesitate on this traffic and you don’t know why

You hesitate on this traffic and you don’t know why


What can I tell you that you already don’t know about the Covid-19. Absolutely nothing the media isn’t already lying to you about. The new vaccine is coming soon, but from what I have seen it appears pretty sketchy at best. 

Here is the thing though, the vaccine people know how to get the traffic to their offer. For real. I got an email this morning asking for Covid-19 vaccine volunteers. Of course, after I saw and shared that video last evening, there was no way I’d be volunteering!


But guess what, the copy in the ad or rather an email was extraordinary! I bet a lot of people sign up for it because of the fact they are offering 1220 bux to just do this. Doesn’t that number sound familiar? 


Of course, it does!


It was the amount we are all supposed to get in this second round of the stimulus that the government lies about. Do you see what trick they just played there? Take this vaccine, and we can’t guarantee you’ll survive, and we’ll give you green for it.

That in my mind is beyond sinister. It’s downright pathological lying to the American public.  Lies spun upon lies to get you to “volunteer” to potentially “die” from trying a new vaccine. 


Yesterday, I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. The dental hygenist and I were talking about this very vaccine. One thing she had heard was that if you don’t get it, you won’t be able to go to concerts next year. They are going to require some ID (not sure what!) that you have taken it.

Now that is insanity, but I heard early on that you are being injected with nano-bots or something. That would make sense of how they “id” the people taking the vaccine. 


Here is the thing, that isn’t freedom anymore.

That is tyranny wrapped in the guise of democracy.  And that is why you need to free yourself from the system of bs they like to push out there. 


The way you do that is to master this one traffic source and set up your own empire. Become independent of the lies perpetrated by the guberment. They don’t even deserve to be called “government” any longer. 

You were told about this a few times and you have ignored the truth. The truth is, to make that green accelerate online, you need one simple thing. You need traffic.


Now you know this works.

There is proof everywhere, and right now you can get in early to start reaping the benefits and rewards of this traffic. 

Don’t wait too much longer or the guberment will be looking for you vaccine “id” and you’ll be another drone in their version of “freedom”. Go make your own version. It’s time to really be free;


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