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You are Guilty as Charged

You are Guilty as Charged

You are guilty as charged. 

That is how the perception of the mainstream media (MSM) would have you believe right now even though none of the charges ever stick.

First of all, you are going to start asking yourself how any of the next parts of this email relate to making $$$ online… just read to the end… 

It’s no wonder we are seeing the black communities rally around Donald Trump this past week.

Right now the MSM is telling you that it’s a fact that President Trump is going to prison for a long long time, yet…

The black community as well as most of America are seeing through the thin veil of lies that the MSM has pushed out, it’s their agenda to make America a 3rd world country at best.

I never have understood how stupid people can be and just suck it up and believe everything that they hear from the MSM, without question, without even validating the truth.

The truth is, as seen in many online posts in the past 48 hours that the black community at large have now backed Trump for 2024, and a bigger percentage of black, Hispanics, and other minorities will be voting for him in 2024. 

It’s not hard to find the truth if you just dig in and do your own fact-finding.

You see, I was at one time a lifelong Democrat, which I now jokingly call a DemonCrat. 

My family raised me “DemonCrat and Christian”, which is kind of an oxymoron when you think of it. 

I voted for Clinton 2x, voted against Reagan 2x, voted for Obama…

… and that is where things changed. 

In 2016 when Hillary was the DemonCrat nominee, I stopped voting Democrat.

But I did NOT vote for Trump in 2016, but I knew Hillary was definitely not the answer or as most people call her these days “Killary”. 

It’s comical yet, not funny at how many former friends of the Clintons have mysteriously committed “suicide”. 

Yet, so many people voted for her, and the machine called the DNC couldn’t control the votes that well and underestimated that “We the People” were sick of the system. 

The lies, the corruption, the DC swamp in general as in “politics is a corrupt game, give me a few dollars and you have my vote”.

In 2016 I voted Libertarian. 

Was it a throwaway vote? 

Not really.

I didn’t believe in either side – Democrat or Republican in 2016.

Then around the next election cycle, as it fired up, once again in 2020, the DemonCrat party showed how corrupt they were.

For those with a memory of a goldfish, let me explain this one. 

It’s pretty simple. 

Bernie Sanders should have been the Democrat nominee in 2020, yet somehow, sleepy Joe came out of nowhere like Rocky Balboa and started winning. 

Ok, I had enough.

I started doing my research into the lies that the MSM were telling about President Trump; half-truths, edited videos, etc…

Oh yeah… the truth was out there, you just had to look for it!

Once I saw the truth, it was like the Matrix and being Red Pilled; you remember the scene where Morpheus said “Take the Red Pill and learn the truth, or take the Blue Pill and it all goes back to the way it was, this never happened”.

You see once you take that Red Pill, the truth becomes clear, and just like that, I switched to the correct side (as far as 2 party system goes; I still think the 2 party system is broken; a story for another email). 

Do your own research and you’ll see that everything I am telling you is 100% true. 

Find out how the MSM lied to you with the slightest edits of videos to make Trump appear in a bad way. 

With today’s technology, you can make anyone appear like a villain when in fact they should be lauded as a hero instead.

Now how does any of this story I’m telling you right now relate to affiliate marketing or how is this going to make you any $$$ online in the next few months?

Just like Donald Trump is being shown on MSM as the evil villain he truly isn’t, as the MSM is all about doing exactly what George Orwell and 1984 was about… 

… Good is Bad, Bad is Good, Black is White, etc… you get what I mean there, “new speak”…

1984 was a playbook or paint-by-numbers book for today’s MSM.

The same goes for every guru telling you to try this “new wham bammo method” to start making $$$ online.

Sadly enough, millions will believe that and will be fooled again once they find out the true way to make the cashola online is to do one thing.

That one thing is taught very well in this one method or course I’ve been telling you about. 

While everyone else steers you towards something the MSM would love to sell you, I’m going to pitch you the red pill or the truth. 

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