You and your fears are not real

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You and your fears are not real

You and your fears are not real


The deal with fear, in general, is that it’s not real.  That is the honest truth and you already know that I’m sure. 

But here are the facts … 


While you believe that, you still do not understand why. Let’s dig a little deeper. You all may have read my story from the other day. 

You know the one about getting robbed outside of my house. The extremes of feeling good and the sudden realization that not everything is good.


Now with that being said, it’s down to this.


Fear never crept into my mind until after that incident. It shook me up and did even more than that. Made me realize that everything I believed in was a lie. 


Things that I held sacred for many years were all just a lie. There is no more fear, but it’s been replaced by anger. 

The anger inside drives me now to do better each and every day. 


That is why I give you options. 


I know already that you are not ready to accept this into your life. What I mean is that you have this internal fear that everything is just a scam. 

It’s not. 


So today, I let you decide. This is what they commonly refer to as a “rotator link”. 


It will eliminate that fear for you. It’s going to choose one of the very popular products out there. 

Yes, these are more like opportunities. You can take the link for another spin if the first one or second or third one lands on something you aren’t interested in.


How about you now relax and with an open mind you give it a go;

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