woh.. cut myself with an eggshell this morning 😱

woh.. cut myself with an eggshell this morning

You think I’m lying to ya? Well here is what happened. 

My dog is a spoiled brat. Big guy. Love him to death, but he gets his food doused in hardboiled egg.

Here it was, just like a little after 6am this morning and I was tired. I was putting my egg, under some warm water.

I did a video on this awhile ago, you can likely find it. But..

It was in the fridge and you have to warm the egg up for a good peel. Anyways, this one broke off and somehow stabbed my finger. 

Blood didn’t gush out, but think about if it would have sliced a swath? My flesh was soft from the water…

You get the picture. What about the people down under in Australia? 

They have these wildfires spinning all around them.  How can you help them? 

Well for only $13 you can help one guy out. His product is great. It’s a full on training about an offline biz you can get started in.

The training is so in depth, I can honestly say I haven’t reviewed it all. In fact, I didn’t ask for a review copy – I bought mine and the OTO1. 

If you can and you want to learn a new offline skill, you’ll want to check this out soon; 

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