winter driving, yeah it is no fun

winter driving, yeah it is no fun

winter driving, yeah it is no fun 

Since I live in the middle of the USA, Missouri – St. Louis to be exact, winter is here;

It’s a strange one too. Yesterday for example, I drove home in freezing rain. Today, no rain, sunny, near 50.

Tonight, it’s suppose to get down to the teens! Like this place has every weather you could ever think of.

Spring one day. Summer the next, winter 2 days later. It’s a cornucopia of weather here. 

But am I here to tell you about the weather. Nope. I’m here to let you know that the weather is so much like affiliate marketing. 

You are like rolling your eyes. I feel it. Now stop and read on.

Here is how the weather is like affiliate marketing. When it’s sunny, that means you have that moolah train rolling in. 

When it’s winter, it’s the depths of “can’t get anything to work”. But what is spring? 

Well that is now. Knowing that you are planting the seeds of leads. Yup. Seeds of leads;

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