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Why you need to put your trust outside of social media

Why you need to put your trust outside of social media

This morning I received a notice from Facebook that said they were removing a comment I left… 

… something I said somewhere, but they didn’t clarify “where” back in March of 2020.

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Now you see, if you don’t know who I am, you can read more about what happened to me personally in 2017 here;

But that’s not the point of this email, the point is to let you know that in early 2020 as I was building up my “Flakebook” online authority…

… my account was suddenly banned for no apparent reason.

Well I had been in a back-and-forth conversation that got heated at a time with a very liberal woke Democrat.

Now I have never changed my “official” party affiliation at all; in fact, I’m still a registered Democrat for voting purposes.

The conversation had been civil until this woke Democrat became unhinged, and flung radical accusations at me, which I responded to in kind.

Needless to say, once I got another Facebook account, I never friended him again and blocked him entirely.

I put the blame on him that he got my account banned, and I wasn’t happy as I was going to do what a lot of Flackbookers do… 

… leverage the platform for making $$$ online.

That soured me on F’book entirely, and while I have a Face account there now, I only use it for closer friends and family.

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I have started to let in a few MMO-type of people back on my account, but for the most part, I just post pictures of things like sushi that I ate;

So I don’t go down this long rambling diatribe, what the main purpose of this email is here to say is that they are back.

The silent censorship of Flakebook is back in action.

Something I did in the past few days, maybe posting more again on my flack book account triggered something.

Why all of a sudden did they go and “remove a comment” from 2020? 

That tells me that we’ll start to see what we saw in 2019, and 2020 timeframe when Facerrbook was trying to help skew politics in their favor. 

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What do you do if you don’t have Flackybook?

You go back to what the internet was built on, and that is email and other social platforms; yes one is connected to Fakbook. 

You can learn more here;

One last thing, I want to state – I am NOT suicidal.