Why would you do this? 

Why would you do this? 

Why would you do this? 

It’s a Sunday evening and you are sitting there wondering if things will get better. 

One thing you can do right now to improve your life; you can check this out;

Why would you do this? 

Many of you are new to this game of email – affiliate – online marketing. 

But you realize that you need to start emailing but can’t afford all the fees.

You need an autoresponder that will import your leads no matter where they came from. 

The standby systems are the one I use like Aweber and GetResponse…

… and a lot of those have issues because they get caught up on bad IP’s.

Means your email never gets to your list, which just sucks pretty bad. 

To be 100% transparent and to let you know this… 

… while I’m not personally using this system, I think it’s fantastic there are options;

More tomorrow…


Mark Z

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