Why rockin’ Rick mattered and how he delivered food to the “homeless”

Why rockin’ Rick mattered and how he delivered food to the “homeless”

🔥 Why rockin’ Rick mattered and how he delivered food to the “homeless”

It was 1990 something and the wife and two toddler boys of mine had just moved from the drug infested off avenue street (Ramona) in Ventura California. 

🔥 At that time in the 1990 something year, Ramona was one of the worst streets to live on off Ventura Ave. Heck they tried to poison my German shepard one night out in the front yard of the Ramona house!

Anyways, I was out of work and not making any real money, and was 2 ½ months behind on rent. You might have been there and done this before, but it was time to bail. Heck the Ramona house was, uhm, gross af! 😡

🔥 Luckily my old drummer who was a meth head himself had parents that owned some property in north Ventura off hwy 33 (the avenue actually) near Casitas Springs (the total Meth capital back in 1990 something).

It was a bus with no electricity, so yes, we go backward a bit for this story. But I wanted to let you know that Rockin’ Rick was really an alright dude. He has more humanity than a lot of people I know to this day! 👍

🔥 You remember the story from a few days ago that I posted? Like back on June 6th.

Rockin’ Rick was/is a real person on this day I found out how “real person” he was. This is why rockin’ Rick mattered and how he delivered food to the “homeless” ❤️

🔥 Rockin’ Rick found out that the wife and I (and toddler sons) were now basically “homeless” (as homeless as I ever want to be!) and we were living in a converted bus with no electricity.

I was sitting outside one afternoon after getting home from work at the time. I finally got a temp job gig at Ford Motor Credit in Ventura, but didn’t get that job until after we had to move out of the Ramona house. 👍

🔥 There I was sitting at our picnic table, and up the driveway (the bus was on this hill you couldn’t see unless you knew it was there) came this loud primer only car; one of those Mopar cars. No idea what people see in “Mopar” to this day, but yeah, it was a car enthusiasts dream car.

Out hops Rockin’ Rick with a shopping bag from Vons and he says “Yeah, I heard about your downturn in life dude… I was telling the wife (who would have thought Rockin’ Rick was married?!) asked me to run by Vons and get you all some food. My wife said make sure you do this because they have babies… ” 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 😱

🔥 In the Vons bag were hot dogs and buttered bread that we cooked over a fire pit. Why buttered bread, I’ll never know or even ask.

Now we weren’t starving or anything. In fact we had food, we had a cooler with ice for milk and stuff, and my meth head old drummer was living in a trailer behind the bus. It wasn’t entirely like we couldn’t have used Rockin’ Rick’s “Hot Dogs and Buttered Bread”, but we didn’t need it. 🥖🌭

🔥 One thing though you learn, is never kick a gift horse in the mouth and appreciate the kindness that other humans do out of the pure goodness of their hearts. Another reason why rockin’ Rick mattered and how he delivered food to the “homeless”.

I’ll never question the why or if Rockin’ Rick was a good person. I know that he was and I’m sure this wasn’t the first time he did such a thing. You know, why rockin’ Rick mattered and how he delivered food to the “homeless”. 👍

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🔥 Why rockin’ Rick mattered and how he delivered food to the “homeless” is no different than the basic mantra of “People Only Buy when People are Ready to Buy.”

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