Why pizza matters and you should read

💥 Why the picture of the Red Baron frozen 4 cheese pizza you might ask?
It reminded me of a time when I worked 2 jobs, was in a band, supporting a wife and two kids, etc. 🥵
💥 There were many nights after working 20 hours or so, that same 4 cheese Red Baron pizza was what greeted me on the counter after a long day for dinner.
The wife made sure I had something to eat after I got home from one of those days where I worked both gigs and had band rehearsal. 🍕
💥 While maybe you never hustled like that in your life, a lot of us have…
Even the super gurus that sell you the broken software week after week have all likely been there, and have their own story… maybe not the pizza part, but it’s a reminder that getting to the next level is going to take some work! ‼️
💥 At that time in my life I still wasn’t making much money, even working twice as hard
This all happened while I was living in this 3rd floor apartment in St. Paul Minnesota with my wife and my two toddler boys at the time who were both in diapers… talk about EXPENSES over riding ALL INCOME! 🤨
💥 Can you say I was living paycheck to paycheck and flat broke working the just over broke (j-o-b)!
That winter, I even had to run a 100ft extension cord out of the window of my 3rd floor apt to plug in my oil pan heater. If you never lived in Minnesota, or up north, you probably don’t know this… 🥶
💥 … but if you don’t have a heated garage and had to park outside — your car would not start! NOT due to a dead battery, but due to the oil in the pan turning into frozen sludge!
Why tell you about that 100ft extension cord? Just keep reading… 👍
💥 Yes, I’ve acquired a bunch of what I would deem “useless” knowledge in my lifetime.
But is any knowledge ever useless? 📓📚
💥 This is where you find the biggest problems in the industry of making money online. Where you can easily be swerved by the next shiny object.
That’s what keeps these super gurus going and making that green for themselves (NOT you). They want you to jump from shiny objects to their next shiny object and worthless “One Time Offers” and spend your money on more of their worthless products. 💿💸📀💸
💥 You are just lining their pockets over and over and it makes you madder and madder that you were sucked in yet again!
But why did I tell you the story above and made sure I told you about the 100 ft extension cord? 🤨
💥 The 100ft extension cord reminds me that a lot of you are out there extending your time with credit card debt and no actual revenue coming in.
This makes me sad. 😞
💥 In fact, it floors me that not many of you have taken the leap of faith to get that $100 over and over again.
No matter if you have a frozen pizza waiting for you tonight, or a grand 4 course dinner, the difference between the two meals is simply execution of what is handed to you. 🍕🍴🍾🍸🥗🥘
💥 Same goes for the $100, it all comes down to if you are willing to execute the product I’ve told you about over and over again.
Isn’t it time you replace your 100ft extension cord with AVA? AVA the smart textbot that pays you $100 over and over again? 💸💸💰💲
💥 Take that leap of faith and give her a call (or text “CASH”) 💰 to 518-675-0589 👍 💲


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