Why Kam is like Dusty, say what? 

Why Kam is like Dusty, say what? 

Why Kam is like Dusty, say what? 

Hey there… it’s launch day for Kam Jennings aka Kam Fatz’s new course called Affiliate Safari;

It actually went live a little bit ago at 9am eastern, but most people rarely buy on the first email, so this I believe might be a good time for you? (I hope!). 

Let’s first discuss the elephant in the room which is how in the heck am I going to tell you about Kam being like the American Dream Dusty Rhodes

Many of you have never been a rasslin’ fan but back in the day one of the most popular rassler’s was a guy named Dusty Rhodes.  His name is pretty well known, so I thought I would use his character to illustrate the two (Kam and Dusty) and how they are one in the same. 

He was known as The American Dream, son of a plumber, Big Dust, father of Golddust and Stardust (Cody Rhodes) who also are big time rasslers.  He was one of the most prolific guys to come from an era when it was still a “sport” to “sports entertainment”.  

But enough of the rasslin’ stuff as you are wondering how is Kam like Dusty…

(Yes, I know – Kam isn’t a wrestler!)

Well if you haven’t figured it out yet, Kam’s products and training are no fluff. Neither was Dusty. His character and his ring persona was great story telling or ring psychology.

Kam’s gimmick, if you will, is that he has NONE. That was the same as Dusty’s gimmick.   Dusty was the true puppetmaster or what they call the “booker” or the guy that decides who wins the rasslin’ matches. 

Much the same to Kam’s credit is that he has no real gimmick and is the puppetmaster of his own destiny.  He makes his living online, much like many of you would like to be doing right now; 

Do you see where I’m going now? 

This is one of those situations where you have to look past the cover, and dig into the training or in this case over the shoulder case study. 

To be 100% transparent, here is how I got involved to promote this (as I noted in yesterday’s email), it’s been awhile since I straight up promoted a product. 

Here is the story on that. It’s basic really…

… Kam tagged me in a Fakebook post the other day.  🙂

Upon inspection of Affiliate Safari, most people will think, “Well this is lame product.. Why would I want to watch Kam over the shoulder…

… (Gotta look past the cover folks!)

Hello, McFly …. He basically invites you to watch him work his step by step magic on how he literally made money on a launch where he finished on top of the leaderboard back in February 2020. 

That is why Kam is like Dusty folks.

He is the true master level affiliate marketer.  He may not drive the latest fast car, and drives a town and country minivan, but he still brings it home at the end of the day. 

Bottom line is that he makes his living online, and that is what should matter to you the most.  He is the boss calling the shots at the end of the day. 

If you want to really learn how to bodyslam the 9-5 after this quarantine is all said and done, you really need to learn from watching a master at work.  

Here is your opportunity to watch over the shoulder as the puppetmaster Kam goes to work to make a living online.  

Even experienced affiliate marketers (if they put their ego aside for a moment) will always learn something from Kam master of his own destiny.  

Remember one thing if nothing else from this email “Quit thinking you are the smartest person in the room; you can always learn something from someone – always!

Now it’s your time.  

Legally steal the secret winning formula from the puppetmaster Kam’s secret vault and make them your own;

To your success,

Mark Z

PS – I’ll check back later and talk about some bonus stuff… 

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