Why Facebook Can Stick It ..

Why Facebook Can Stick It ..
Why Facebook Can Stick It ..

why facebook can stick it .. 

I’m not being funny when I say that. 

100% currently being ripped off as I type this. 

Facebook believes that they are GOD. 

You can’t get any real support from them. 

[ What’s Better than Facebook; ]

Barely get a response.

They give you excuses.

Transfer your “case” and blame it on other departments. 

Can’t do anything until another dept reviews it.

But never resolve anything. 

The company is a big scam. 

Right now I’m being scammed big time. 

They are actually charging my card.

For ads.

Ads that for some unknown reason they approved. 

Then turned off my account with some stupid “identity check”. 

Before I was finished with setting the ad up!

Checkpoint error.

Screwed again by Facebook.

[ How to get away from Fakebook; ]


Whenever they get to me; yes I wrote the one support ticket contact I have. 

I will be turning off that ad. 

I will be leaving Facebook or interacting less. 

Why is that? 

They are literally charging my card for ads.

Why Facebook Can Stick It ..
Why Facebook Can Stick It ..

An ad campaign I wasn’t finished setting up. 

Technically it’s just running wild. You know..

Like that funny meme where the guy is swiping dollars at the camera.

But this isn’t funny

Not at all. 

It’s causing me stress.

Unlike when I write an email. 

Why Facebook Can Stick It ..
Why Facebook Can Stick It ..

I know emails work.

Has nothing to do with Heir Zuck’r’f’wad

Emails actually reach people like you.

People that are interested.

Make a difference. 

Advice – get off of Fakebook today. 

The place that will suck you in.

Make you feel cozy and then screw you hard.  

Just like that. 

With email, you don’t have to worry about Fakebook.

You just type and click send. 

Don’t you want a much less stressful life;

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