Why did this happen to me, and how can I go on

🔥 Why did this happen to me, and how can I go on
Let’s take another trip back in time to, yes, back to 1990 something when I was jockeying a convenient store register! 😕
💥 It was your typical day and nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Just the usual lunch rush, the usual customers.
When out of nowhere this big disturbed guy in a blue winter coat reaches across the counter and swings on me and hits me in the face! 😳
💥 He quickly exits the store mumbling to himself the entire time.
I took a look at my buddy on the other register and mouthed “Did that really just happen?” The customers in line were in shock and a hush fell over the store. 😡🤬😳
💥 Quickly, likely in a matter of seconds, I grabbed the baseball bat behind the counter, my store manager who was standing by the office smoking a cigarette (yes inside the store, this was the 1990’s!) quickly was calling 9-1-1 on the phone to summon the police.
My buddy and I chased after the disturbed man; who later we found out he was a Vietnam Vet with severe violent and mental issues. 🇺🇸🇻🇳
💥 Outside in the parking lot he opens up his heavy blue winter coat to reveal inside a hatchet.
Yes, a hatchet like you see in the picture by the angry man (not the same dude!). 👀
🔥 Why did this happen to me, and how can I go on
And events like this, hopefully not as weird, will happen to you in life. They just do. 🤔
💥 But you are here to make money online and wonder how this applies to you.
Well if you think about it, events like this make you wonder this very phrase… 🤨
🔥 Why did this happen to me, and how can I go on
You can go on when you finally decide that all things in your life will come with a price. 💲
💥 For you to believe in the fairy tales laid out in a sales page only holds you back.
I’ve been telling you for weeks now about a system that will in fact pay you $100 over and over again. 💵
💥 The only thing is, you do have to invest money.
Money isn’t made from magicians, fairies or Santa. 🧚‍♂️🧙‍♂️🎅
🔥 It’s time for you to get real, time for you to get AVA
💥 Text “CASH💸 or Call ☎️ AVA at 518-675-0589 💲
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