when it rains, the roof leaks ..

when it rains, the roof leaks ..

when it rains, the roof leaks .. 

That is what I have to deal with lately. I live in an old brick row house in St. Louis Misourah. Rah rah… And I never knew what tuck pointing is.

Now I do! Because my back wall, which faces east needs it badly. Because when it rains, the wall is literally letting water in. 

Sucks, as that is going to cost me a ton more moolah to fix. Ceiling water damage. 

But like anything else, that’s life, right? 

At least we have rain where down in Australia, they could have used some rain for the wildfire outbreak. That was a terrible event for sure. 

The cool thing is I believe in you all that you went and purchased the product; Did your part and “Gave at the office” to help out the guy; 

Now you have that very well done training product and have gone through the training, you are ready for the next step. 

You need some products; I mean you can’t sell your house entirely, you’d have nothing! 

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