What you will say

What you will say

What you will say


When your boss comes into your cubicle to ask you to come to the office. The office where your human resources person and another employee sits. They have a box on the floor and they start out by saying…

… “You know this covid thing has really hurt our bottom line and unfortunately… “


You know the rest, you are about to be “laid-off” or “fired from your 9-5 j-o-b. If you have never experienced this before you can see it coming. In fact, I’ve been there before and know the feeling.


It’s pretty painful to see everything you worked for stripped away in a second of time.  Most people realize once it comes down to the walk to the “office”, it’s over. There is no point in saying anything at this point. 


Suck it up and grin and bear it. 


What do you do now? 

Well, you get serious. First things first, you apply for unemployment. That’s #1 as the guberment will give you some cheese; maybe even bonus corona cheese in the form of an extra 600 bucks or something. 


Next thing you do? 


You start looking at how to make that green online. Yup, that is all you have and it’s time you get serious. 

This is not the first time you are seeing these; well I hope it’s not! But this may be the last time I feel like letting you know about this. 


Here is the deal, eventually you’ll likely stop opening my emails, you’ll maybe even unsubscribe from this list. 


In the end, you realize that maybe you should have started on something … 


… like 90 days ago!  It takes at least that long to establish any real wins. 

What I have for you is actually something really cool. It does work to make that side income, but here you go again. Don’t believe you’ll be rich overnight. 


If you are willing to work hard for the next 90 days, then go here;


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