What to do about snarky friends

What to do about snarky friends


You know who I mean. The ones that disbelieve that you are making green online. Maybe your green comes in the form of a dropshipping store (now is the best time btw). Or maybe you are doing traditional affiliate marketing.  Maybe some other way.

Whatever the case may be, you should seriously take a minute to watch this video; presentation when you have time. This video will show you over the shoulder of one of the easiest new systems. Complete DFY (Done For You) product. 


Here is the reality of 2020.


More people have died from the Covid-19 than we can truly account for. That is a terrible thing to think about. But also in the same token, who’s to say that there wouldn’t be many lying dead on a battlefield in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea if some people would have had their way? 

Not at all making light of the over 250k+ dead from Covid in the United States alone, but just letting you know that is how life is. You are born. Then you will die. You can’t escape that fact. Ever.


Today is the only day that you have.


You have to make the most of it, even on a rainy day like here in St Louis Missouri.  Live in the now, the right now. 


The one thing you can escape is the traditional 9-5 job.  That part was made easier by the pandemic reset. Are you feeling me now?

Or do you refuse to believe in what opportunities are awaiting you right now?


This one came out a little bit ago, and many people jumped on it (as they should have), and are making some bank already. You can’t fail at this as it’s DFY (Done For You)!


While there are the naysayers that will say …

  • PPC is Gambling
  • Google Ads Suck
  • Bing Ads Never Work

I’m here to let you know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Now I will agree that it’s not easy to do on your own. In fact, you shouldn’t try it on your own. LOL… you’d be like me if you tried that, getting banned from Bing Ads (who does that?!?)!


What you should do is take the time, maybe not right now unless you are where I live and it’s raining, but when you have time to really watch the video presentation. It will show you over the shoulder exactly what is involved.  The exact correct way to do this!

If you believe that this isn’t for you, at least you had the opportunity to look again. There were (when it launched) many that believed they need this passive stream. It’s high time that you give it another serious look. 


Wouldn’t it be great if you could at Thanksgiving show your family and friends how much you made in the last week? Yup, it’s 100% very possible. Remember…


  • Google Ads don’t need to be hard
  • Bing Ads are simple if you know the secret
  • PPC isn’t passe or so “last year”

Here is the thing though. While the vendor is keeping the price affordable for all people, such as yourself, this can’t go on too much longer. He has to also make a living.


Again, it’s a rainy day here in St Louis, and I thought I would spend a little more time than usual letting you know about this great offer once again. Now it’s your call but wouldn’t you rather flash screenshots of success at your holiday gatherings?

Yes, it’s the Covid Thanksgiving, but most people will still get together socially distanced, masked up and all. And showing proof on your phone to those naysayers you call “friends and family” will make it, even more, sweeter than pumpkin pie.


Like anything else though, it’s dependent on you going to watch this video now;

No time to watch “silly presentation” videos? That’s cool… check it out here;


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