What Sunday is this .. : Rest of Your Life!

What Sunday is this ..
What Sunday is this ..

what sunday is this?

It’s the first Sunday of the rest of your life. 

Once you decide that, as you may have seen ..

Facebook is nothing but a scam company.

[ What is Better Than Facebook; ]

While I think it’s funny that they are ..

Making me lose money. Not really.

I think it’s going to be funny.

When they finally go and re-review my ad.

Not happy at all with how they did what they did. 

But you know what?

I am going to stick it right back at them. 

Once they see my ad. 

They are going to stain their knickers. 

Oh yea…

There isn’t anything they can do.

Yes, they can suddenly turn off my ad.

Which is my ultimate goal. 

And they can ban another facebook ad account.

Which I’m fine with. 

[ How To Rid Yourself of the Disease; ] 

The disease is Facebook.

It’s infected over 2 billion people. 

And some businesses think they “need it”. 

What Sunday is this ..
What Sunday is this ..

They really don’t need it at all. 

In fact they are much better off without.

Without Facebook is how people use to live.

I’m not sure how long we have been connected.

About 2 months ago I went on a social media hiatus.

I was happier. 

Then I came back, and slowly scrolled.

Did the Facebook scroll of mindless junk.

What Sunday is this ..
What Sunday is this ..

Anyways, the lesson in this is to stop.

You gotta stop the mindless Facebook life

Use the internet for what it was meant for. 

No more Fac(k)ebook!

Learn a new skill that will have you set for life;

There isn’t much else to say, but I wanted to add this.

If you want focus and precision and a skill.

And the above doesn’t provide your with awesomeness.

Then you simply are really looking for this;

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