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What shouldn’t be surprising to you …

What shouldn’t be surprising to you …

What shouldn’t be surprising to you … 

Is the fact that no matter how much divisiveness the MSM tries to dump onto the general population, the one thing that you can’t divide are fans of music. 

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While the mainstream media (MSM for those of you who are new here), are trying to say that America is really divided. 

Taking a look around this past weekend at the Evolution Festival, over two days; partially in a rain downpour and whatnot on Saturday…

… I can honestly state that the only thing that is divided in America is the politics that we created for this country.

A political system rooted in secrets that don’t need to be secret, and backroom deals that take ordinary people and make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. 

The main problem with that of course is that once they taste the millions that are funneled into their bank accounts, here and offshore protected from taxation, while playing our representation…

… they no longer remember that they are our representation of the system and not there for their own financial gains. 

It’s not that America is divided in so much the fact that America is being lied to by the MSM as the only time they are telling you anything worthwhile is when they tell you the traffic and the weather forecast. 

Sometimes, those aren’t even true, but they are a lot closer to the truth than what they will spin to you about the division in this country.

When it comes down to it, everyone in this country wants the same thing this country was built on. 

You can pretend you don’t, but why would you either immigrate to this country, learn the language, and figure out how to make it better if you didn’t believe in America? 

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The American Dream is being stolen by the propaganda machine called the MSM. 

Lying to get you to believe that the minority is what everyone wants to see, when as in this past weekend at Evolution Festival, it was about everyone simply enjoying each other’s love for music.

Plain and simple, the MSM lies, and if you are still blinded by the propaganda they try to tell as the truth, you may not be a good fit for this newsletter. 

Yes, you originally joined this list to learn about making $$$ online and there is still a reminder of that daily in my emails

I just want to remind you that after sitting, standing, and generally enjoying different types of music genres this past weekend…

… we the people are not as divided as the MSM will have you believe. 

There is still a group of sane Americans out there who will put aside all politics to enjoy a much more beautiful thing.

People gather together to celebrate one thing – good music, good food, and good times.