What is stopping you?

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What is stopping you?

What is stopping you?

Now everyone is different and I get that totally. Just as I am who I am, you are who you are. I know it can’t be the price because the price is totally insanely cheap

For the service you get, you’d be a fool to pass this by one more time.  I say that with confidence as I watch my stats increase daily. It’s insane that I didn’t believe in it.

It’s like when I went to boot camp all those years ago. Now grant it, it was the US Navy boot camp, but still the same. Here I was a kid with parents that didn’t get him ready for the world. 

I figured it was going to be an “adventure”, and yes it was in the end, but those first few weeks in the Navy were crazy scary for me. But I was able to find my groove and as I got close to the end – we had the 1.25 mile run.

That’s more than I really wanted to do, or was good at. It was fear for sure. As it was timed and you had to pass in order to get out of boot camp. No joke, if you failed the run, you could be set back a week. In other words, you’d have to do the week over.

That was really no joke at all. I feared failing it. I was running at night extra that week up until the run.

Making sure I would pass it. 

On the day of the run, I had this fear that I was not going to make it. As I rounded that last turn, I was down to literally seconds left. I don’t exactly remember the time, but it should have been simple (if I was a runner!). 

The take away of course is that I got over my fear, passed the run, and made it. The rest of my time in the Navy was pretty uneventful except that time when… 

… I’ll save that for another story. But here is the deal. You can fear something and miss everything good.  What I mean is that you can let things like this pass you by because of fear.

I already outlined it for you. Did a YouTube video that is so short, because there is really nothing to this. It’s a legit 3 steps! Literally, you can be up and running in minutes. 

What is your fear of this? 

That is going to be for you to decide. What I would do however is push on through like I did on that run.  That is your call, but I highly suggest you get in now before everyone else does.

What are you thinking? Maybe you will, maybe you’ll do it later, tomorrow, someday? 

None of those exist. There is only right now. Don’t let it pass you by.

Get on it today;

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