What are these supposed Six Figure Secrets

Six Figure Secrets

What are these supposed Six Figure Secrets

What are these supposed Six Figure Secrets

Let’s see how long I can keep this up. Keep what up? Posting something here daily on my blog that has been around for what now… 3 years?!

Time flies when you are working a few 9-5 gigs and trying to make that money online. The first few years seem like yesterday almost, but then again, it wasn’t. It was before the pandemic hit. 

I was caught up in the hype of Shopify and drop ship stores. It was fun, but never made a bunch of money at it. Then one day I heard about push button magic. Come to find out, it wasn’t exactly a lie. 

The truth of the matter is, if you get a big enough email list, and actually, email your list (people forget that part!) – you will still start to make some dollars doing it. 

Six Figure Secrets

Today I’ve been emailing my list about this product called Six Figure Secrets. Kind of trashes the guru mentality and steps it up a notch. Shows how to consistently make that greenback dollar. 

The claims are pretty bold right on the sales page. A story about how he (the vendor) went from deep in debt to cracking the code. There always a code to crack. 

Six Figure Secrets breaks that mystery and gives you all the keys to the kingdom. 

Now that is what the sales page says. The truth of the matter is of course you need to do a little work. That is what always trips people up.

The products I promote are not bad. Usually, they are decent, but one thing I know – all of them require you to put in some effort. That is where people fail. 

They believe in fairy dust and magic. That is not how it works. 

Six Figure Secrets

Whether you pick up a copy of Six Figure Secrets or the product from yesterday, it truly doesn’t matter. Unless you put in the work, none of it is going to work for you at all. Period. End of story.

You can pick up your copy here;


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