What an 8 ball of cocaine has to do with marketing

👉 What an 8 ball of cocaine has to do with marketing
It was 2000 and not “2000 something”, I know exactly when this happened; November of 2000 😍
👉 Don’t remember the exact date, but I do know this much, this part I’m pretty sure of, the location was in a suburb of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, small ‘burb or town called Fridley
There was some sort of Fish bar and grill place 🎣🍻🍷🥃🥂 that also had bands in the back of the room, plus games and full bar too.
Heck, the venue even messed up the band name on the marque/sign. One lesson learned – spell out exactly what you want to be in lights! We drove like ~600+ miles to see our band name on the signage incorrect. 😭
👉 My old band and this other local Minnesota band did a show trade and we’d bring them down to St Louis at some other date/time. Common practice by local bands trying to get out regionally back in the day; pretty sure they still do this today. If not, that’s a 🔥free tip 👍for you that are in bands still.
Anyways, after the show the promoter finds me and wants to settle up. Unfortunately, I should have done the biz part of it all myself because I did all the other biz part myself, but my old drummer insisted on coming along. 💲
👉 The promoter reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wad of cash, and a bunch of small baggies of cocaine.
Promoter dude is like, well I can pay you the $250 we agreed on or we can also throw in an 8 ball 🎱and pay you less in cash. 💵😡
👉 I was like, “Nah, all cash… “ but of course my drummer wanted the 8 ball, and so in the end, we only got basically gas money and an 8 ball. And a 600 mile plus drive back to St Lis.
What lessons were learned here? 🤨
👉 No matter where you are in life, there is always marketing involved in one way or another. Whether you are in some sketchy bar / restaurant in some promoter’s “office” (which btw was a basement bathroom with a hook lock on the shaky wooden door)
Or you are online making money and marketing affiliate products. Knowing you customers and letting them know what they want is key to winning. 👍
👉 Fortunately for the promoter that night, I had two guys in the band that had a coke binge night; I for one like to sleep. No thanks for me and the guy in the band who was just drunk (and legally underage… lol) and passed out under the sink.
I know why you are here and reading this. 💲
🔥 It’s pretty obvious so let’s just cut to the chase and be straight up.
This my friend is the easy way to make money online. 💸
👉 I’ve been telling you for days now and yet you resist, ignore, are skeptical about everything…
But this is the easiest 💲100 you can make online legit (on your phone really).
Not only once but over and over again. 👍
Easier than taking candy from a baby or an 8 ball out of a drummer’s nose. 🎱 🥁👃 😂
👉 Once again, I will tell you this very easy and super simple method …😞
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