Welcome Post

Welcome Post

Welcome Post

My name is Mark Z and this is the welcome post to my new website I will be discussing all things to do with Online Marketing.

Why did I start this site Empire Digital Resources?

I started this new site to help you choose the right training, product or software for you and to share with you some free tips and tricks to help you in your business. This site is obviously an extension of the YouTube channel I started recently. This is also a re-branding of my old brand called Nuclear Inbox.

Welcome Post - YouTube Channel Header Banner
Welcome Post – YouTube Channel Header Banner

In this day and age there are many pieces of digital software out there. Some are complete waste of time and money and some are gems that really help you to stop up your game.

I’m always open to answering your questions so feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP (usually within ~12-24 hours).

Remember there is never such a thing as a stupid question, and if you are here, you are here to learn about product or software to see if there is an opinion or review of that item. While this welcome post is just a start, if you continue reading you’ll see all sorts of worthwhile offers above this post.

I hope you enjoy my posts and find value in them as well as someone who will tell the truth about products I have used.


Welcome and enjoy my site!

Welcome Post - Mark Z playing Thursday nigh open mic at Joanie's in Soulard (St. Louis, MO (USA))
Welcome Post – Mark Z playing Thursday nigh open mic at Joanie’s in Soulard (St. Louis, MO (USA))


Mark Z

PS – Yes, I edited this post after a few days and have already posted a few times on here. You should go check them out to get all the BONUSES I put together

Below you can read about a few of the offers I’m promoting – and receive the special BONUSES only available via my buy links in the posts.


Stealth CommissionsTraffic VictoryViddictive 2.0 (on sale starting SUNDAY Apr 29th, 2018 11am EST – Early birds special pricing for the first 5 hours!) – Public Domain Finder – Real Specific

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