Your Competitors are Getting Ahead … While You Dilly Dally

This product is a 14-email Master Class on Crafting Killer USPs THE EASY WAY

This is going to CHANGE THE GAME for you! Plus you get a PLR License (See Details Inside)

But What Exactly is USP Usurper?

I’m glad you are asking that question… Kam Jennings, the creator of this product will tell you more…

What else can I get with this… like do you provide a BONUS too?

Yes of course I have a BONUS – one that will be super helpful if you are just getting started in Email Marketing, and you’ll be able to use it right away… best part – the product is FREE (My BONUS).

My BONUS is called the “How to Make Money Online Cheatsheet” – and Just Like this Product – it’s all HUMAN Written – no ChatGPT or AI – and it’s FREE to get started with this BONUS

What About the Upsells that Kam has – Are they worth it?

OMG — the first one — wowza — OTO1 is the Epic Conversions Legacy Bundle – over 172 emails, over 115,750 words on Multiple Subjects regarding online business and Money Getting (i.e. Making Money!)

If you have the extra scratch, I highly encourage you to pick that OTO1 up as well!

But… the VALUE continues with OTO2

OTO2 is called Inbox Advantage Master Class – which is 12 video modules from someone who does REAL email marketing – all killer with no filler and Kam has been doing it for over a DECADE now…

But does it get any better???

That is a resounding HELL to the Yah!

OTO3 – is called Outsider’s Edge Master class and he will reveal his SECRET on how to take the ugliest sales page and make a TON of MONEY with it… just like he does. Oh and this is another 7 videos!

Okay, that has to be it, right??

Uhm… that would be Hell to the NO.

OTO4 – The Legendary Licensing – PLR Biz Workshop is another 10-video training on how Kam easily creates PLR with no help from AI, ChatGPT, or anyone. Just a HUMAN who knows what he is doing.

There can’t be anymore… right?

Wrong-O... he has OTO5 – called Saber Launch System – Accelerated which is the complete 19 video training on how Kam creates ugly sales pages, easy to create products, and makes BANK.

Again if you have the extra scratch, consider picking up any one of the OTOs when they are offered

Also this sales price – it’s definitely going to go UP. That’s not BS scarcity stuff you see from others.

Kam is the real deal, as soon as the 11th of September rolls out, that’s it. The Sale Ends.

Anyway… are you READY??

Ready to Go See this Product – USP Usurper for yourself?

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