Sunday – December 30th 2018 – 11am EST

  • Newbie friendly from beginning to end!

  • Make money from something that works

  • No Technical Skills Needed

  • Make Money Without Leaving Home


Help Your Customers Overcome the FEAR of Not Knowing How to Get Started….

Or Even Worse….


Because I’ve Been There – The FEAR of FAILURE

ALL Super Affiliates Do ONE thing…

Making Money in Hours… 

With Very Little Work … 

It’s EASY – 100% Replicable & Passive!

Simply Rinse And Repeat!

Why the name – Turn ‘n Burn?

WATCH my personal over the shoulder case study, and

see how quickly (Turn) I am able to get this going in (‘n) just 1 hour (Burn).

Hey there… this is Mark Z and I decided to create this course and launch it near the end of the year, December 30th 2018 to be exact, as 2019 can be great for everyone.

This is a great motivational training course for people that are stuck and have a fear of putting out an info product.  While I don’t go into the nitty gritty details of “post production” (that is in OTO1), the basics of getting the customers info product ready to sell is what is covered. 


The Funnel

FE – Turn ‘n Burn – $9.99 – 100% Commission! It’s $10 billz flying into your pocket (PayPal)! 

OTO1 – Salescopy Cheat Sheet, 30 Follow Up Emails, How to Set Up A Digital Product To Sell, Post Production Training – $27 – 50% Commission

OTO2 – ReSeller Rights – Entire Funnel – after the standard 5 day launch window (Starts after: January 3rd 2019) – $97 – 50% Commission

OTO3 – One Month of One-One Consulting – with anything related to product creation, ideas, etc.. Done via Email as well as Skype scheduled conference calls, and random chats as needed – $497 – 50% Commission

Potential Through The Funnel Earnings of: $318.49


Sunday – December 30th 2018 – at – 11am EST

If you need anything to make this launch successful, do not hesitate to contact me!

I’m doing this as a solo launch so hit me up directly.

Don’t be shy if you need something from me to make this a successful launch!

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