trump is what a donkey is to a cow

trump is what a donkey is to a cow
trump is what a donkey is to a cow

trump is what a donkey is to a cow 

Is that the worst statement ever? 

Of course it is. 

[ See Your Exclusive Offer; ]

What does it even mean? 

Let’s roll back the clock a bit on Trump. 

Yesterday was Super Sunday, or Super hype day.

It’s just a football game, but hey it’s about ..

You guessed it – selling ads that make..

Yup .. Moo-lah and tons of it. 

So what does Trump have to do with it? 

Well he is the king of moo-l-ah. 

Trump is also free as that donkey or cow.

And he skirted by on the fringes of the law.

[ Make Your Own Rules; ]

Many take sides and some are actually pissed off.

I get it. But we all knew just like a donkey. 

Or even a cow, that it wasn’t going to be possible. 

The way this country’s (USA) gub’r’ment works…

Well yup… you might as well be that donkey.

But that leads me to today’s exclusive. 

For real.

Now here is another chance at ..

A real life changing chance at freedom. Freedom is good.

Really changing your life for good. 

trump is what a donkey is to a cow

This one is a golden nugget. The golden nugget if you will.

It’s going to help you set up a wildly profitable system.

It’s called the freedomaire, and it’s about your freedom.

Freedom is only as good as that next donkey or cow show

You dig what I’m laying down here? It’s your time to take that massive action.

Only YOU can do that. Water holes close up or rather dry up quickly.

It’s time to strike the iron as the fire is hot!

I think it’s high time you enjoy the freedom of super bowl sunday.

No Trump worries. No cows or donkey’s, but your free time;

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