Thought you’d forget, but you did

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Thought you’d forget, but you did

Thought you’d forget, but you did


While it seems like yesterday (almost) it was still a long time ago. As of today, December 10th, 2020, it was nearly 14 years ago.


What am I talking about?


Earlier this evening, I was getting ready to shut it down for the night when my ex messaged me. She said, “Hey didn’t you solve that kidnapping once?”


I about lost it. I was like “WTF are you talking about!” LOL… I’m not a detective or anything.


She explained a little bit more and I was like “Oh yeah… that one time… “


Here is the deal, back in January 2007, January 15th, 2007 to be exact there was this amazing event that happened.


Locally here, this kid was kidnapped a few months earlier, then this other kid was kidnapped.


Sean Hornbeck, who I believe is now near 30 years old, was 15 back then. He was the first person that was kidnapped.


Then Ben Ownby was kidnapped by the same abductor. The strange thing was that the person (kidnapper) was a night manager at the local IMO’s pizza place. St Louis style pizza if you are curious if your not from around here.


That day, the police found them and it was all over the news. Not just here in St Louis, but also nationally. It was big-time news.


What I did was write a blog post about it, and the next thing you know, it took me places. Well first to the nightly 10 pm news.


Really strange because I solved NOTHING. All I did was make a blog post about what I had already read earlier that day.


At the time I was working a 9-5 job, at Express Scripts if you must know.


The next morning, all the big bosses in the place were coming up to me saying, “Woh… I saw you on the news last!” … yeah.. that was me, etc…


That morphed into more good news and started to snowball. A few months later I was able to quit that 9-5 and I was making trips out to the bay area as well as working for companies out there. Mainly remotely.


Now that all ended for me back in 2013 and I’m lucky to be where I am today. For ~7 years I was going back into a regular 9-5 gig again.


Hated it.


That taught me one thing. I was going to get away from the normal work 9-5 thing. I knew it was possible.


But how do you make lightning strike twice?


Pandemic reset to the rescue!


Due to the pandemic reset, I don’t do that anymore. Yes, I technically have once again (thanks to the pandemic lay-off!) – a 9-5 coding gig at a startup. The company has like ~8 people in total.


I work from home. It’s not commuting anywhere. In fact I have to start up my truck (F-150 Super Crew Cab), my SUV (Chevy Captiva), and my bike (Honda Silverwing) a couple of times a week because I literally hardly go anywhere.


Need to keep the engines working and the batteries charged up.


This of course is due to what is known as the “stay at home if you can” lockdown imposed by the guberment of the City of St Louis.


Regardless I do make that moolah online too.


Here is the deal on why I wrote all this to you right now.


It’s Friday evening and you are probably bored stiff or just waiting to take a hit of that crack cocaine.

j/k.. wanted to see if were still reading. lol…

Tomorrow or over the weekend I may have more stories for you. For now, I just wanted to share this, because as the subject line of this says …


… Thought you’d forget, but you did


And truthfully sometimes I really forget my own story. That’s one of them, and if you want the link to the post I wrote back in January of 2007, let me know.


I actually had to hunt it down on the WayBack Machine!

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