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This Truth will Shock You

This truth will shock you

Not every email from me is going to try to convince you to buy a product. 

When you entered my email list, you already have been sent those emails.

It was part of the autoresponder follow-up series, and you had many chances to view the product by now.

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You may have chosen you didn’t want to do this at all and saw something better, like a YouTube course or Insta course, or TikTok course.

I pick on all of those services as I personally have veered off of focus and done all of them. 

And then last night I was watching a YouTube lecture on how to succeed at making a lot of money.

The secret?


Yup, that’s it.

Figure out that ONE thing you enjoy doing, that one thing that isn’t a real pain in the rear to do, and just do that.


As an example he helps people to make even more money and his buddy was a person he helped.

The guy had a roofing business, then he also wanted to do some general contracting business, and also flip houses too.

He didn’t want to leave “money on the table” so to speak.

Well, that mantra literally kept him from making more money as a roofer.

Then the guy showed this article on one of the richest people in the world.

What did she do?

She actually is where all the roofers buy their supplies from. 

Not their general contracting supplies.

Not their house flipping supplies.

Just their roofing supplies. 

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That’s it and every other person on that list does ONE thing. 

They all knew that they’d leave actual money on the table if they did several things, so they only do one thing. 

At the end of the day, when you focus on that ONE thing, and not veer off to take that YouTube course, that Insta course, that TikTok course, etc…. 

You will start winning and winning while not even trying. 

That is how you do this making $$$ online thing.

It’s not about chasing after every single guru’s course or training. 

Most of them don’t work or if they do, they tell you the same which leads to the product I’ve told you about already. 

There is no secret to this at all.

Just focus and patience. 

All the while you’ll continue to get better. 

Now I talk a lot about this course for a simple reason, it works for me. 

Does it make me boatloads of money?

Not really, but still the same it makes me money and gets me better at doing one thing.


That’s all I do, and it’s my one and only make $$$ online focus. 

At the end of the day, you do get tired; everyone does.

Why do you want to be super tired of chasing all these shiny objects and not making a dime? 

I can without a doubt say truthfully that this one thing works to make money.

Will you finally give it a try and quit fighting against what works? 

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Or if you’d rather, please go chase something you think will work, but I guarantee you that chasing things such as all of the supposed zillion-dollar makers will lead to one thing.

Sadness that you can’t stick to one thing. 

This is your chance to start something big, and it’s not going to be overnight, but it will work as long as you stick with it. 

Get started today;