The plan that works for super affiliates

The plan that works for super affiliates

The plan that works for super affiliates;

Have you been seeing what I have been seeing lately… 

… all the old things that are coming back as new online and in the world itself?

Take for example the real world, cassettes died a quick death when CD’s came out.

But guess what, they are back as the “cool audio product” once again for the consumer. 

Don’t believe me?

Go to any punk rock show or hardcore show and these young bands are now releasing cassettes!

For real, and I saw it for myself when I was helping to run the sound one night at a local dive bar. 

Now as far as online stuff goes, do you recall “Rick Rolling” from years ago? 

Yup… it’s back too as now they are using this CoronaVirus to Rick Roll people.

Amazingly enough, many people have never heard of “Rick Rolling”… 

… and there is the exact reason why the super affiliates are killing it with the same product!

People with short memories are trained that only the super affiliate knows how to make it;

(Make that green online!)

Well I’m here to tell you that Dan (the old guy) and his partner Spencer lay it down for you. 

Neither one are super affiliates, but both of them together put out this strong product. 

By now you know it it came out last fall (2019), and some *Ahem* super affiliate…  

… buried it with his usual crapola of a recycled product that sold thousands of copies!

(with a +10% refund rate I might add!)

Well people will continue to buy from that guy, heck he has more crapola out right now.

Here is the choice you need to make and get this message loud and clear (please).

You can now stop buying product after product because this is the truth right here;

To your success,

Mark Z

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