The fortune of having a flat tire to decide your destiny

💥 The fortune of having a flat tire to decide your destiny

Back in 1990 something I was in a metal band, you can even find tracks on the old internet archive of IUMA which was like an archive of music online back then. I remember it cost to have them transfer your cassette tape to the “internet” back then. 📼💵

💥 But this isn’t about IUMA or being in a metal band in 1990 something, or even a funky creature (mascot) called Dr Needles.

This is about the night that Dr Needles debuted and how arriving at that show was something that everyone will experience. Maybe not playing a rock show, but having an event that would define you as a person. 😎

💥 You can listen to the story told better via the podcast version of this, but basically, on the way to a show where I had my drummer, the mascot (Dr Needles), my pregnant wife and myself heading to Mancini’s in Canoga Park California for the gig, we had a flat tire on the 101! 👨‍🎤

Just like sometimes in life the destination seems to be right there and the brass ring is there for you to take. In this case in real life it was an actual flat tire, now myself, my pregnant wife, Dr Needles, and my drummer were all on the side of the road. 💉🥁

💥 Running late and having to think quickly to get to where we were going. The 9 or 9:30pm show. We were many miles away from the venue on the side of the road with a flat tire!

You have similar flat tires to slow you down to the destination in internet marketing. It’s how you react to those events that will define you as a marketer. 👍

💥 In fact, I’ve been telling you about a way for you to make $100 over and over again.

This is that moment to make the next move. You can pass on it again, as you have done before or you can believe. 💸

💥 Believe in the power of overcoming every hurdle (or flat tire) you have had while being an internet marketer. It’s time to read/listen and take action. That’s the important part. I’m giving you the destination that is already proven to work.

If you have had flat tire after flat tire, and can’t seem to figure it out, the solution is below. 🤨

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