The Devil Even has a Laugh in Email Marketing

Karens About Everything - So Get Off My Email List

The Devil Even has a Laugh in Email Marketing

The Devil Even has a Laugh in Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a fun easy way to make some easy money online. Now of course there are some drawbacks as you have to have people buy the stuff you are promoting.

Email Marketing Can Be Devilishly Fun

I find a sadistic pleasure in ripping into those people that dare to email me back. Yes, I’m an email marketer and I sent a ton of emails daily. I expect a few responses; it makes the autoresponder companies love me. But… 

Some of the responses I get are rather harsh, but honestly, I’ve been doing this long enough where I don’t let it bother this email marketer. 

Now I don’t dare them to email me back, but since I’m an email marketer, I expect a few emails back. It’s called Email Marketing, so yes, you should expect a few emails in response!

Today for example was quite funny. This lady, we’ll call her “Karen” decided to tell me she has no internet in the boonies. 

Karens About Everything - So Get Off My Email List

Hmmm… that sounds like another liar’s excuse to me. You know… anyone that can respond via email … well they have internet.  But hey, I’m just an email marketer!

Therefore they are nothing but one of two things or both. 1. Liar, 2. Loser. 

Either way, I could care less, as they are never going to be what I’m looking for and that is a BUYER. 

I always respond to emails no matter how “personal attack’y” they get.

For example, another email came in and this person we’ll call “Sheneweeqa” who goes and rips into me with the loser phonetic phrasing that started off with “UR a liar and scammer

Well, “Sheneweeqa” it sounds to me like you are a daddy’s girl loser who lives in her parent’s basement at 25 years old still. Probably even a member of Antifa out breaking windows with concrete blocks. Just another loser who will be working the Walmart clothing dressing room watch. 

You Will Live And Work At Walmart Forever

Doesn’t really matter to me. Both of these weirdos have been deep six’d into my loser collection; which means they are “UNSUBSCRIBED”.

As I alluded to above, I still send them one last email. Usually, a one-liner letting them know that this isn’t a spam message and that they signed up for this email list. They should probably quit signing up for email lists. I make sure they know they can unsubscribe at any time. 

Then I usually zing them with a simple “Go here;” 

Until I feel like dropping in some other interesting notes… it’s Mark Z – Email Marketer 

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