The Day I Sold My First Product Online

The Day I Sold My First Product Online

the day I sold my first product online 


I still remember it like yesterday. While it was a few years ago, it was August. I do remember that. 


My Shopify store had been online for about a month and nada. I had no plan, no idea of what to do.


Watching a bunch of YouTube videos I was able to set up the store. In fact I got pretty good at setting them up. 


The 14 day trials attracted many of us. Some of us succeeded and others failed. But again, let’s go back to that first sale.


There I was, waking up and grabbed my phone. Woh… a sale! I had no idea what to do next. 


What an incredible rush that was. But things changed, and I got out of the Shopify online store biz.  It was decent money, but I didn’t know what I was doing really. Getting lucky. 


No online method is really easy. All take time. But what if. You had a leg up. Now there are plenty of ways to sell online. 


In fact I told you about one; Hopefully you picked that up as it’s the way of 2020. 


Well these days there are plenty of places to go. You have everything you need now. But you need product for sure. 


One thing you don’t have is a guaranteed product.  Even if you get in on the new marketplace I told you about, you still need product. 


You are in luck. I have a way for you to end the search. The frustration. Here it is. 


This is going to be your lucky day. The day you win big with a leg up on products you can sell. Products that people want.


What are you waiting for? I know it’s not easy to take the leap. You try to stay on a budget. 


Many will pass on this. They’ll flail away forever and move on to something else. Are you ready to give it your all?


If not, you can wait like I did for that one sale a month later in August. 


Are you ready for that? Waiting for that lucky sale. You have the system, but do have the products you need to sell? 


It’s really your call. Struggle or have a leg up; 

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