The Buzzing of Summer : Mosquito Infestation – How to Cure!

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When it’s summertime in the midwest you can
count on one thing and that is mosquito season.
This year with all the rain, it’s inevitable that
there are swarms of bugs everywhere.

Now you can douse yourself in cancer causing
chemicals to ward off these small birds of prey
or you can do the smart thing, just burn some

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Of course that can be quite annoying as well
as the smell might make you want to hurl all
over the place. Make some people sick. And
who knows…

Might even cause cancer!

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There is another way, it’s called a bug zapper.
Mosquito zapper if you will. And it’s environment
safe. In fact it uses USB power to run. If you use
say a USB power supply that runs on the sun, you
are carbon footprint nothing; basically.

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Now these are very popular, as over 20k have been
ordered. In fact if you order today, it’s likely you will
have them by the true dog days of summer.

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Amazon currently at around $17.99.

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Mosquitos are the facts of summer time after
a very wet spring. You just can’t avoid them, but
what you can avoid are the disease that comes
with getting bit.

You can also avoid all the potentially hazardous
cancer causing substances with this eTonTeck
Mosquito Zapper.

Remember the price we are advertising now can
and will likely go up. You can’t get this on Amazon
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