Solo Ads Seller : Eating My Own Dog Food

Solo Ads Seller : Eating My Own Dog Food

Solo Ads : Eating My Own Dog Food

I started selling Solo Ads a few weeks ago. I decided to go ahead and purchase some of them for one of my offers. Eating your own dog food is the term that many of you know. I wanted to make sure my solo ads traffic was legit.

Ok Mark…. “How does your traffic convert?”

Before we talk about conversion rates, I want to stress that I had to buy a higher tiered all USA traffic (100% USA) traffic which is a bit more than the 95% Tier1 Traffic I sell.

Nevertheless it converted at a whopping 50% + conversion rate! Usually I get around 30% from the solo ads wholesale seller I was buying my traffic from, but this was really good.

Solo Ads Seller : Eating My Own Dog Food

The above is representative of my 100 click purchase. It’s still running actually and I’ve had 52 opt ins. The next screen shot shows 58 new subscribers, but that’s due to the fact I bought more traffic for another offer.

Solo Ads Seller : Eating My Own Dog Food

Why sell solo ads?

I believe that selling good quality solo ads traffic is the way to go into 2019. While my solo ads business is just started, I feel it will pick up in the upcoming new year.

Everyone needs converting traffic, and I will be ready to serve you all in 2019, even now in 2018, as I write this blog post.

Why should I buy from you?

For one thing, I offer variety. Not only do I have the Make Money Online (MMO) and Biz Op traffic that is so desirable at 95% T1 – but I also, as shown above, have 100% USA traffic for those offers that can only be USA.

I also have ALL Mobile and NO mobile clicks. I also have T1 traffic for the Health and Diet Niche. And they all convert well. Here is an offer I am running in one of the “other” choices vs 95% T1 MMO/BizOp.

Solo Ads Seller : Eating My Own Dog Food

I ran this traffic and already have 61 clicks as you can see, all USA clicks btw, and it’s converting like crazy. Another 50% opt in currently as I have 30 more added to my list.

Solo Ads Seller : Eating My Own Dog Food
Solo Ads Seller : Eating My Own Dog Food

As you can see, the 30 is from this campaign I just kicked off. The 56 is actually from the first campaign above. Total of 86 subscribers (so far!). And that is on 200 clicks purchased.

In Conclusion…

Right now until December 31st 2018, I am offering a special deal on the clicks you can buy below. I sell 100-500 clicks and can sell more or less. But as stated, when you click the Buy Now link below, you’ll be taken to my Solo Ads page where you can buy directly via PayPal.

Now.. if you want to try me out… contact me directly and I can cut you a deal. If you want say 1000 clicks or 150 or some number not on that page below, please connect with me.

btw, did you notice – it’s Christmas Eve and I’m getting these kind of conversions! That shows you the power of 24/7/365 internet is always on marketing. And Merry Christmas to you!

UPDATE: The solo campaigns ended with 60 added to each 100 Click buy. So it was a 60% opt in rate. That is amazing traffic. Don’t you need some of that traffic?


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