Seize the day and why? 

Seize the day and why? 

Seize the day and why? 


Hey there… it’s Mark Z and I wanted to go over the benefits and the bonuses for Affiliate Safari;


You know, Kam Jennings aka Kam Fatz’s latest product on w+ this week. 


The product is a real time, over the shoulder look at how a winning hard working joe … 


… similar to you and I can grow your potential as an affiliate marketer.

  • Action based tips
  • Seen live as he did them (real time)
  • Made over $800 on the 4 day promo
  • Learning from someone that earns by doing this

The last point is what you should be really concerned with is that Kam earns his living this way;


Now as far as my bonus pack you get when you buy via my link in this email…


… I mentioned a bunch of them to you in my last email, but as Steve Jobs use to love to say… 


(but waitthere is MORE!)


Here is what was revealed so far of the bonuses I’m including:

  • Access to sign up for the new SMS app that pays you $100 over and over again
  • Swipes and emails for this Affiliate Safari promotion (includes the one with sales)
  • Tracking spreadsheet that I used on this Affiliate Safari promotion
  • My OTS (over the shoulder) videos at how I broke this down; just like Kam did for you in Affiliate Safari
  • $20 coupon for your first order of leads when you send me the receipt for my eBook on 3 tips

But as I said there is more!


I’ll include for zero bux cost to you another bonus my flagship product I released on w+ called Turn ‘n Burn.


It’s now the newest bonus added for today and there is no reason to wait as – yes …


… there will be more but why hesitate?


You know Kam is the real deal, get Affiliate Safari today;




Mark Z

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