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See how quickly the 9-11 conspiracy people crawl away

See how quickly the 9-11 conspiracy people crawl away

Today is 9-12, or the 12th of September, not that it matters if you noticed the conspiracy people about 9-11 were out in droves yesterday on X and other social media platforms.

They were pushing the 9-11 conspiracy theories full on yesterday and I’m sure that will be the last of them for …

… another year on the 23rd anniversary next year of 9-11.

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The sad thing is, they aren’t wrong really as there is nothing wrong with questioning what happened that day.

Many people who were trying to debunk their thoughts were saying that technology was the same in 2001 as it is 22 years later in 2023. 

I beg to differ as I was an adult then, 22 years younger, but I know what I saw on 9-11 and things didn’t add up in my mind either.

But the thing is on 9-12, which is today, when I tried to bring that up with friends and family, it just ended in a heated argument…

… patriotism was thrown in my face, and the fact that yes, 3000+ people died that day.

Never would I take away from the deaths that happened that day, all I’m saying is that there are a lot of questions that to this day were never answered.

As I said though, all the conspiracy people will put it away for another year and come back out in 364 days on 9-11-2024. 

You know that it’s true, as long as there are people alive who saw the actual deal, and as long as answers are never given to basic questions, such as “Where are the wings and engine from Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon?!”

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Also, why on the camera footage it doesn’t look like a 737 that hit the side of the Pentagon, but more like a cruise missile…

… those are the questions that come to mind … 

What about what Donald Rumsfeld said on September 10th, the very day before about $2.6 Trillion missing from the military budget, and that was the part of the building that was hit?

One person online said, well I know someone that was on the flight so and so and they really died. 

I’m sure they are dead too, but remember there were “4 flights”, and a theory that hasn’t come up in a while is the fact that all 4 flights landed, passengers debarked, and were rebounded on to flight 93 …

… that was the flight that crashed in Shanksville PA.

Another interesting question is “How did cell phones even work on a plane that was flying up there?” …

… have you ever turned on your cell phone and put it out of airplane mode above 10k feet and had ANY RECEPTION at all?

Remember there was the famous supposed phrase “Let’s Go!” 

Which really is sad, as did that mean “Let’s Go and make sure we crash this plane to destroy and eliminate all the people on board who were supposed to be on other flights?”

Ie… eliminate the witnesses to this crime and coverup of the century.

Now you all know that JFK information was sealed for the past 60 years and just now starting to come out.

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It’s pretty much known that JFK was not done by some ex-Army guy who was not a sharpshooter, the lone gunman theory. 

This was as we now know a bigger plot, and American Coup d’état more or less. 

There was no lone gunman, the CIA, and FBI wanted to remove President Kennedy, and these supposed “conspiracy nut cases” have said that for years.

One movie I recently watched about Guantanamo Bay or Gitmo called “The Mauritanian” proves the American government will lie, and will continue to lie to serve its own purpose. 

In that movie Mohamedou Slahi was not guilty yet he was tortured, which supposedly is illegal in the USA… 

… guess what he was in Cuba and they threw that rule book out. 

Watch that movie if you can, Jodie Foster won a Golden Globe on it.

The point is that 9-11 while very sad for everyone that died, who’s to say there wasn’t an underlying tactic there. 

But you know that I’m right when I say, nothing else will be heard for at least another year on this.

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And that is just like how most of you reading this are as far as making $$$ online.

You’ll opt into an email list and yet, you’ll not want to do the work or find out more. 

That’s sad too, as the gurus aren’t lying, they are just making you believe that it all happened overnight. 

Nothing happens overnight just as in the same, 9-11 truths will not come out for say … 

… another 60 years or so just like JFK truths are now just being revealed. 

I could go on and on of course, but that is all I got for now.

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