S2 – EP6 – Watching Paint Dry…

The title says it all, listen in for me to get to the reason why… Here are links that I talked about in the Podcast
Trigger – Great product on how to affiliate market properly
Carsten TinsuuYouTube Channel that does out the people talked about below
My eBook Report – that tells you the same thing that Trigger does above (get Trigger if you like videos, over the shoulder views)
Here is what Dan Mehedy Jr. said today. All credit to him; he is also the creator of the Trigger product:
Dan Mahedy Jr Facebook Post:
As we approach the 6 month mark in 2020, I’m noticing many people “quitting” and moving onto the next shiny object 😕 (sometimes twice a month??)
You said you weren’t going to do that this year right? 🤔
Stay with me and I’ll explain what happened to you… 👇👇
You are listening to the gurus, reading sales pages like crack addicts and that next $12 product? That shit isn’t going to work…you know it, but for some reason you still buy it because the great guru tells you, you can be like them… 🙃
Here’s a solid 5 tips to help you out:
#1 – Always get a refund if the product is shit. Don’t let anyone offer you upsells or anything else, get a refund, this is the only thing that will affect gurus. They HATE refunds but that’s the law…if they don’t answer in 3 business days, contact your credit card company or PayPal and charge it back….F**K them for putting out garbage and stealing your money.
#2 – Stop buying from them, they are ALL full of shit (if you want a list of the worst, let me know) and are REALLY preying on your fear from our current economic climate.
#3 – They have all lost their way and just want to stroke their ego and brag how many suckers they got to buy their garbage or their buddies crap. When they started, they promised they were in it to help people.
#4 – They don’t give a shit that you spent your savings on their product…they just want to brag to their buddies, buy a new car (yeah, I’ve seen a bunch of new videos like that lately).
#5 – I know A LOT of people and have done A LOT of networking the past year. Ask me about products and or creators and I’ll tell you what to look out for and who to stay away from (I won’t name names on public forums).
Don’t get me wrong…there are ethical marketers out there (those that sell 100-500 units on their launches) that have great info products, but remember, if it’s not going to help you with YOUR journey, don’t buy it. Spend your hard earned money on traffic to build your list 🚗🚕🚙
I would rather see you spend $100 on something you can resell many times over, something tangible. Something proven and something you that can help you and others.
Keep building that email list…it will be your “money maker”. See the comments on how to connect with me.
Let’s make the rest of 2020 a winner for you and get you to change your mindset! 😍 Hard work wins!

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