S2 – EP29 : Is it someday? No, it’s Sunday!

S2 – EP29 : Is it someday? No, it’s Sunday!

TextBot – here is how you can invest $100 to get your re-seller rights for AVA and also get 12 bonuses to help you make money online!

Sudhir Sharma – need help with your Google Ads? Hey .. he got this T1 leads funnel approved on Google for me!

T1 Funnel – Yup.. this is RUNNING on Google Ads, and it works!

Turn ‘n Burn – Just lowered the price to $12.97 as the info I believe is worthwhile if you have never set up a w+ product before

12 Minute Affiliate – If you can’t wait for Tuesday and the Daily Commissions Blueprint launch at 11am July 28th (link will be in my Tuesday Podcast), then the 12ma product might be for you. If you are one that needs help, I recommend this. 


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