Reality strikes back, are you ready? 

Reality strikes back, are you ready? 

Reality strikes back, are you ready? 

Last Friday, this really happened to me, right before I started promoting Affiliate Safari;

The wife and I were out doing the weekly out of the house grocery store and WalMart thing.

You know how it’s been while you are (were?) in quarantine. 

Unless you were absolutely sure, you stayed in.

There I was in the parking lot of WalMart, they’d only let one person in at a time. 

Sitting in the cab of my truck with the door cocked open a bit, to keep an air flow going. 

It was quite warm last Friday here in St. Louis MO; felt like early summer. 

Well when the wife gets back out of the store, and we go to load up…

… you probably guessed it by now, after sitting that long with the lights on most of the time, yup!

(Dead Battery!!)

Or rather one that wouldn’t crank over my V8 Triton engine I have in my truck.

I had to call AAA to get a jump which is all good, except it took 1.5 hrs to get to me.

When the guy showed up he said “Yeah, been jumping a bunch of people today…

… you’d think we all are in a retirement community!” (he chuckled) 

It hit me then and I got it, because I haven’t been driving everyday for weeks now. 

Just like I haven’t been promoting new products as an affiliate, you forget things to do!

Made me aware of reality while letting me know the urgency that people like you would need this …

… and how you could really benefit from having a good example of how to do a proper affiliate campaign!

There are times like this when an over the shoulder look at how it’s done correctly helps;

It’s actually helped me to re-organize and re-think the proper way to promote, as well as track.

One thing I can’t stand is someone that thinks they are the smartest person in the room.

If you are like most people, you can’t stand that either and that is why I highly urge you to grab this.

Affiliate Safari may be your only chance to see what a successful stay at home dude does.

Kam let’s you in on his Affiliate Safari to easily make over 800 dollars on a 4 day campaign.

He shows you all this with his genius over the shoulder case study!

Now I have to ask you, what would you do if you had this opportunity? 

Because while it officially isn’t set to close until like ~30+ hours from now…

… when it does close, Kam puts all his products up to full price, in this case $27, and that is a promise!

The early you get in, the better you’ll feel about not missing out on this great product. 

You need to jump on this offer today before it’s too late;

to your success,

Mark Z

PS – Will add maybe one more bonus before 12am May 7th (when it goes to full price!)



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