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Raise your hand if …

Raise your hand if …

You are sick and tired of being lied to online about a new method to make you big bucks out of the gate. 

They aren’t lying to you, but only stretching the truth a bit.

Truth is, you can probably earn a living with this new product I’ve been promoting for a day or so now, but I can guarantee you won’t make money in the next hour or something. 

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If you expect results immediately or within a few days, well that part is the stretching of the truth part. 

It’s not a lie though, as I’m sure the creator of this product made a few bucks with it before releasing it to the public to purchase. 

The only real lie part is that I can guarantee you probably will not make a dime for a while doing this method, but I wanted you to check it out. 

At the end of the day, you know where my loyalties to making $$$ online stand, and it’s with remaining steadfastly focused on just one thing. 

If you do your research, you’ll see that doing just one thing will make you cash down the road, and the longer you do it, the more cash you’ll make.

But hey… who am I to try to tell you where the most lucrative way to make a living online is? 

People will try to persuade you that this method is long and gone, yet they still are using it. 

In fact, I was reading a sales page of a very successful affiliate marketer who figured out a new twist on this, but at the end of the whole sales page…

… you got it, he started talking about how he will help you with your copywriting as well as swipes you can use for your funnel follow-up series.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Copywriting, funnels, follow-up series? 

Essentially while he was there pushing his new product, which supposedly was flipping the script, at the end of the day, it’s really a swerve if you will to buy his product and learn the same thing this guy is teaching. 

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I’ve heard some pretty borderline racist comments come back to me, Yes if you reply to this email, I can respond to it…

… such as “This guy is hard to understand, therefore I am not going to buy this!

Wow… that is probably one of the best excuses I have ever heard someone reply with on why they were not going to buy a product, yet an excuse response I never asked for it.

What that really is, was just the person justifying their lack of follow through on anything in life for that matter, as I’m sure that person has used a similar excuse about other things outside of trying to make $$$ online.

It shows me what kind of person that person really is.

That’s the thing, while you focus on this ONE thing in your life, and honestly, it could be this product or the product I sent a few emails on over the past few days, you gotta get rid of these people. 

Push them out of your life and timeline for they are going to waste your time with their BS excuse(s) and before long you’ll be reciting the same excuse.

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It’s going to take over your mind, just in the same way the MSM has a good part of America believing everything it spews which are fabrications or lies.

People will say anything about any product, or really anything they disagree with just to be sure to put their stamp on it and have a ready-made excuse that they will sell to anyone listening. 

You should quit listening to the naysayers, and forge ahead on your ONE thing path, as it will make you far more cashola than anything else. 

Here is that one thing;