Public Domain Finder Review

Public Domain Finder Review

This software, Public Domain Finder, does exactly what it says. It  scours the internet free public domain sites quicker than you can say weight loss. Let’s get to the Public Domain Finder Review!

Public Domain Finder is actual compiled software that you have to install. One of the only drawbacks is that it is PC based, but if you are on a Mac, there are free emulators out there that you can use to install this software.

How does this software work?

This software searches the public domain images for you on 42 different websites. By simply entering in their desired niche and clicking a button, your customers will be able to search on 42 sources and get the results delivered in a document.
Imagine the time you can save with this app. Searching on each one of the 42 image sites could take around 3 and a half  hours. With this software, it’s just 10 seconds. In my personal testing of the software, I found it to be less than 10 seconds. That is a true time saver!
To use Public Domain Finder, you simply would type in for example – weight loss – where it says niche below.
Public Domain Finder - Images Edition
Public Domain Finder – Images Edition

In my example that I used when testing this out, I looked for weight loss public domain pictures. Then Public Domain Finder will return results like this to you:

Public Domain Finder - Results - Weight Loss
Public Domain Finder – Results – Weight Loss

Without Public Domain Finder, there is no way I ever would have thought to go to Snappy Goat! I never even heard of that site, but look at all the great pictures you could use in your weight loss niche.

Public Domain Finder Review - Snappy Goat - Weight Loss Results
Public Domain Finder Review – Snappy Goat – Weight Loss Results


  • Super fast – faster than 10 seconds!
  • Great results from places you never thought to look
  • Very lightweight software
  • Useful for all content writers, niches, and bloggers.


  • PC only version, no Mac version
  • It’s not cloud based so you have to have a PC or Mac emulator software

The Public Domain Finder OTO’s now:

For $27 – OTO1  (Whitelabel) – offers the unbelievable opportunity to get that software with white label rights, so they can resell it for whatever price they choose to customers.
For $37 – OTO2  (PD Content Search Software) – offers yet another big research tool, capable of searching 24 public domain document sites for their favorite ebooks, reports, comics, music tracks and US government documents. One keyword, one click, and they will receive a document with all the links ready to be clicked.
For $47 – OTO3 (Whitelabel Content Search Software) – offers the chance to grab the document research software with white label rights.
Public Domain Finder - Images Edition
Public Domain Finder – Images Edition

That’s all great stuff right? For only $17 you get Public Domain Finder.

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