Profit Vortex Review : Money Is In The List

Profit Vortex Review : Money Is In The List

Profit Vortex Review : Money Is In The List

Profit Vortex takes what you may already know and puts a twist on your most basic methods. This training shows you why it’s important for you to believe the phrase “Money Is In The List”. 

The price of Profit Vortex is super cheap due to the fact it is a PDF training, but it’s whopping 67 page eBook training so you know that chock full of great information. Now as I was reading through the course, I realized what I could offer as a special custom bonus. More on that later, keep reading please.

Profit Vortex Review : Money Is In The List
Profit Vortex Review : Money Is In The List

Is this training course newbie friendly?

Yes. In fact this course is something newbie’s should invest in. Whether you are just starting out or in it for a bit, you need this course as it gives you another bullet in your arsenal of list building. This course is super cheap, see below breakdown of pricing, and the bonuses that come with it from the vendor – are worth the price alone!

Profit Vortex Review : Money Is In The List
Profit Vortex Review : Money Is In The List

The above is obviously income proof from the training course creator. The below image is how quickly you can build a huge list by following the steps of the method he teaches you.

Profit Vortex Review : Money Is In The List
Profit Vortex Review : Money Is In The List

I know you are probably thinking, well the creator’s of courses usually do something well but can someone else make money with it. Wayne had students that did $50K and $2-3k days. This below screenshot is from one of his students.

Profit Vortex Review : Money Is In The List
Profit Vortex Review : Money Is In The List

What are the prices and the OTO’s?

FE: Profit Vortex – $7.95 to $12.95
Wayne is pulling in $2k to $3k PER DAY with this POWERFUL battle-tested “Vortex” method. And get this…. he’s NEVER used a single affiliate or JV for his traffic. Not once! His traffic source is highly unique. And he’s completely mastered his traffic source and is now averaging a ridiculous $60k to $70k per month!

OTO #1: Super Simple $300/day Method – $27
This $300/day Method can be used side by side with the front end product to ensure you hit multi 3-figures per day.

OTO #2: FULL Resale Rights to Profit Vortex – $47
In this upgrade, we’re offering 100% commission across the ENTIRE funnel. And in this upgrade, we’re also including ALL the sales and promo material.

OTO #3: How To Bank Insane 5-Figure Days – $27
This is a very powerful 5-figure/day system that we have only revealed in our top level $297 and $397 programs. So for us to let this go for only $27 is insane for us to do.

OTO #4: Simple BUYERS List Building Method – $12
Everyone says “the money is in the list”.. and it’s totally true. And in this upgrade, we show how to build a hot buyers list without ever having to create a product, and WITHOUT having to launch a product.

What about Bonuses, because you know I can’t get enough of them!

The vendor provides a ton of value in the bonuses. In fact, this alone will convince you to buy this course. Here are the 7 primo vendor bonuses.

#1: Unbreakable – 2300+ Units Sold!

#2: Atomic Profits – 1200+ Units Sold!

#3: Reactor – 1800+ Units Sold!

#4: The Milk-It Method – 1900+ Units Sold!

#5: Laptop Legacy

#6: List Masteree

#7: Poolside Profits

Wow! That is like all the courses you need to succeed in the internet marketing biz for this rock bottom price you are getting Profit Vortex for today. Those courses alone should convince you to buy this course from me. But wait.. there is more!

As I went through the course, I realized I could contribute another few methods that the course didn’t touch on. So my custom bonus is free training on how to create an email list without the traditional squeeze page “enter your email address here”.

Custom Bonus#1Create A List Without the Traditional “Enter Email Here” Squeeze page – This is 100% Free Training that I put together as a custom bonus for this course.

Custom Bonus#2Free Traffic Bible – Here is my 67 page eBook going over the different free traffic sources outside of Facebook.

In conclusion I will have to say this course is definitively the most value you’ll get for $7.95-12.95 on the front end product.

This course goes on sale on Tuesday, November 20th 2018 at 10am eastern time.

When you click the buy button below after that time, you’ll be able to lock in all the above bonuses as well as the course. Scroll back up this page for the amount of value you’ll be receiving.

In case you don’t like to read, here is the video review to go over everything once again!

Then if it’s after 10am eastern time on Tuesday November 20th 2018, click that button below to receive it all – the product and ALL the bonuses!


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