Pictures of you always on my mind

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Pictures of you always on my mind

Those words seemed to haunt me yesterday, and I was thinking to myself, where did they come from? 


Then I remembered, it was an old song from the 90’s “Fly to the Angels”. I kind of smiled as it was at the end of one era of music that the song was created. 


For the next few years we were all wearing flannel and listening to “grunge” or really just stripped down rock n’ roll. 


Not much different from what was always there. 


Since the days of the Beatles and the Stones. 


Speaking of the Stones, they just came through my city last week. 


Talk about never “retiring”. 


Doing what you want until the day you pass on to the other side. 


Which brings me full circle to my newest product called Boneyard Magic. 


This is a skill that, if you do it correctly, could give a lifetime of “work”. 


Many do the “poo-poo” on it, saying that social media is the way to go. 


And for some things, social media is a great thing to know and leverage. 


But at the end of the day, you need real “humans” to talk to. 


That way is via email. 


Why do you need humans? 


Because bots don’t buy anything. 


No matter how AI evolves in the next few years, and scary enough as it is, it is evolving quickly. 


I believe that you’ll be safe emailing for a long long time. 


Humans will be answering that call, clicking that link, and pulling out the credit card.


My product shows you with no frills on how you can get started today. 


It’s not as hard as you think it is, but it does take a bit of action.


Please take that action now; 

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