One of those days

One of those days

You probably know what I mean by that. It’s a Thursday and the week is coming to an end and you are rushing around trying to get ready for … 


… OCTOBER 1st!! Or the month of October. 


Kicks into the Q4 as everyone calls it. The last qtr of the year 2021. 


Crazy as it seems, it’s more than just “One of those days”… 


… it’s literally the last day of September. 


Hopefully you were able to get it all done today, and if not, there is always tomorrow as in October 1st!


Now yesterday I created this new product to help people get started with email marketing. 


It’s a no frills, quickly done product that will cost less than ~6 bucks. 


I even created it all on my smartphone. Now this isn’t to take over the product that I created for later in October.


In fact that product will help this product if you choose to get it. 


I call this one “Boneyard Magic”. 


  • Get email marketing started in less than ~15 mins


  • Over the should videos


  • Quick and to the point


The main issue I am hearing; not only from this industry!


Is that people are sick and tired of watching drawn out videos. 


Something that can be said in around ~30 seconds doesn’t need to drone on and on. 


With Boneyard Magic, I’m going to show you how to get started via some straight to the point videos. 


All done on my smartphone. 


Yes, this goes back to my email the other day about “stealing your best ideas”. 


It is something I figured must be a real pain for people. 


Googling or YouTubing takes hours and not minutes because the videos you run across are so darn long. 


Not with Boneyard Magic. 


  • Quick and to the point videos


  • All training in under ~15 mins


  • You can be up and running in ~15 mins


Sure there are better courses out there by other people, but do you have the time? 


The time to listen to them ramble on about the same thing and you miss the entire point? 


That is what I solve with Boneyard Magic. 


If you are interested in getting started before Q4 of 2021 turns into Q1 of 2022… 


Check out Boneyard Magic today 


It won’t break the bank, and you’ll be up and running in about ~15 mins. 

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