Mike Pence wore no mask, so what?!

Mike Pence wore no mask, so what?!

I started earlier today with a political theme for my promotion of Affiliate Safari;

Why did I do that?


Well it’s pretty simple, sometimes it’s better to get you to read these emails vs just delete them!

Now with the VP of the USA, he really isn’t much better than the POTUS.

You can agree or disagree, as we all have our opinions of the USA guberment.

Opinions are as they say “Everyone has one, and this is mine”…

… and here it is; you can agree or disagree, that’s fine by me.

Pence went into the Mayo Clinic the other week with no mask on as the media reported.

He is the leader of the task force on the CoronaVirus pandemic and he wore no mask!

Wow, that reminds me of why you really need a pro to guide you, as Pence isn’t one.


But there is someone that can guide you to affiliate marketing nirvana…

… and if you haven’t looked, you should take a look now;

This guy, Kam – who knows his stuff and he shares it with you in his over the shoulder view.

That was recorded in real time; meaning you get to watch his day to day decisions (sometimes hours apart) as they happen.


Of course he has a list that is responsive and a group of people that respect him.

Everyone on his list or his group EpicConversions all are students of Kam’s. 

But what about you?


Well I took inspiration and am recording a series of videos like he did just for you. 

I’ll be adding those videos as a bonus; in fact the whole bonus will change now.

I’m putting it all together and if you buy it now, you’ll get the complete bonus pack.

That is you have to buy from me to qualify to obtain these bonuses.


I will announce the full bonus pack tomorrow, and if you want to buy it now, you will get them;


Mark Z

PS – It will still include the SMS App, but also will include these emails as well as the tracking spreadsheet I used AND – link to the OTS Video Series I’m creating.

PSS – More bonuses will be added. Reply back if you know of one that will help you in your quest to have freedom from your 9-5. 



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