Maybe tell me why?

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Maybe tell me why?

Now it’s my belief that you signed up to this email list to learn about how to earn online.


Since it seems there is a disconnect of sorts, I figured you also might be interested in surviving the economic collapse of America (the world too). 


But nothing seems to interest you. 


Like I was watching Sunday night football for a hot minute last night.


It was total insanity to me as Cris Collinsworth talked out his “you know what” about the Belechik and Brady relationship.


For those that don’t follow the NFL, Cris is a broadcaster (very opinionated one) and he likes to shoot off his mouth. 


I guess he gets that license because he was a former NFL player who also played in a Super Bowl at one time in his life. 


Now he is quite entertaining, but he is also a “company man”.


I’m sure you know the type of person I refer to.


The person at your 9-5 that will tow the company line no matter what. 


Cris is that and more. 


They (the NFL) want to sell the drama (when there is none) between a former coach and QB that has never said as much. 


As you well know, or may well know, when you have a 20 year relationship with anyone, it can get tiresome. 


There will be arguments, fights, and disagreements. 


But at the end of the day, there is no real drama outside of media drama. 


Reminds me a lot of what might be possibly happening currently in the world news situation. 


While no one in the news will acknowledge the facts of the undertow of discontent that is happening. 


No one can deny that if you dig behind the curtain of the wizard of oz, you see it all revealed. 


There is strife from both the left and the right, and things are not as they appear. 


While the media won’t report that, as that could be the downfall and economic collapse of America and the world, the truth is, it’s there.


What do you do? 


You get prepared to survive. 


Chuckles abound as you might be thinking sarcastically “Oh no… the zombie apocalypse is upon us!” 


LOL… no such thing, I’m talking reality and not fantasy. 


The reality states that such an economic collapse has already taken place in a few South American countries. 


Nothing will stop this surge as you well know. 


Do some Googling later this evening or tomorrow. 


Research what I’m talking about, and you’ll be glad I’m sending you this information.


It’s something that could save your life in the upcoming months. 


Grab your survival PLR information today;

One thought on “Maybe tell me why?

  • Lamont
    December 11, 2021 at 10:29 am Reply

    Not too much to say a bout Cris other than sometimes he shoved his foot in his mouth from time to time. But that’s an analyst for ya. And drama they do sell.

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