Mark Z : Free Training – Yup It’s FREE Training

Mark Z : Free Training is just that. A New Page, linked in the menu above called – Free Training. I will add things from time to time, and you can join the email list or not. If you join the list, you’ll be notified when I put out new content there. If not, you’ll need to check back manually from time to time!

Mark Z : Free Training
Mark Z : Free Training

What is this?

Why Should I Do This?

It’s Free? I don’t know what else to say, but Mark Z : Free Training is going to be 100% Free. The email list is there only for peope wanting to be notified of new Free Training modules.

I’ve currently loaded up two full trainings that I did; think modules and your usual training sequence you see. One is the entire course that was sold last year on how to set up an offer and product. One is a course that isn’t going live due to unforeseen circumstances that was going to be called Rinse ‘n Repeat which you’ll see I was going to release witha partner.

There is no need to sign up to the email list, but you’ll have to check back on your own for more updates. Currently as of 11:30am on Monday January 21st 2019, there are 4 videos, 2 full training courses, and 1 PDF that I sold last year in 2018.

How can I access this, and is it really Free Training?

Yes, it’s a 100% Free. Just go to the link above in the menu. Or you can access the Free Training here. These are things that any newbie or even experienced marketer can use as reference, or what not.

In Conclusion…

It’s Free. Be sure to share the info with anyone you believe might benefit from such access. If you are still unsure, be sure to watch the video.



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